2018 Radar Vapor Pro Build Review

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Product Review 2018 Vapor.  A capable high end ski for advanced skiers.

The 2018 Vapor is an all new design and although Radar has yet to build a ski that has run into world record line lengths in competition a lot of mid range skiers are getting great results on the new ski. In testing the ski received praise for smooth turns on both sides but lost out on stability and speed when compared directly to the new D3 NRG

In conclusion the the 2018 Vapor is a quality product if you have the money to invest – For skiers looking for an advanced ski the 2018 KD Platinum out performs the Radar Vapor at a much better price.


  1. Kelum (Victoria)

    Pro build was ok but not for me after I tried both this and new KD I was able to run better scores more often on KD. A lot of hype with Radar and you pay a premium for it..

  2. sim

    Another good quality product from Radar.

  3. Jake

    The Vapor is certainly a good ski but I ended up back on my D3 ARC because I’m more consistent and comfortable on it.

  4. Tom

    The 2018 Vapor made my shortlist but I ended up on the Goode which worked better at the shorter line lengths.

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