Jobe Flora Ski with Flora Binding


This ski is great for carving to advanced slalom skiing. The Flora features all design characteristics with added surface area; its loaded with performance and stability. This slightly softer ski features a flex pattern for the ladies. The wider profile allows the ski to have more speed in turns, while still having the edge design of the best skis!


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– 3 stage: This rocker is designed to provide 4 specific flat spots which enable the ski to perform during the various phases of the slalom course: deceleration, pre-turn, hook up, and acceleration. This allows the ski to have fast acceleration, while still having great turning characteristics.
– Edge to Edge: This concave is designed to generate true edge holding capability, while still maintaining real control.
– Fiberglass: A traditional layup constructed from fibreglass cloth material used to give specific flex characteristics for different areas of the ski. This method offers great durability and is the standard method of construction for performance-oriented skis.
– PU Core: The more traditional foam core is a molded core that still produces functionality and durability. Widely used in most mid-level water skis on today’s market.
– Standard Fin: This is our tried and true drop through aluminium fin that allows front and backwards movement with a proven performance blade shape.

About the Flora Binding

This binding is a real gem combining comfort and performance. With a lightweight and flat aluminium base plate your feet are even closer to the ski, therefore giving you most control and feeling during a water sports session. Its soft ergonomic shaped footbed gives you maximum comfort.

Focus RTP


  • Aluminium plate

  • Inner liner

  • Articulated Heel/Ankle assembly

  • Bungee dual lacing

  • Easy attach lace holder

  • Achilles kidneys

  • Stretch panel


Additional information

Ski Length

65", 67"

Flora Binding Size

5-8, 8-11, 11-14

Focus RTP

Mini, Standard, X-Large


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