Jobe Revert Trick Ski (Blank)

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The Jobe Revert ski is now proven to be a world Beater. In the first year release it Won Under 21 World Titles, Moomba Masters Junior and Senior, whilst setting several new Records. We have now introduced 2 new sizes and a girls version.  “after my first set on the ski, i felt it was the best ski i had ever ridden. The revert transitions quick and spins with little effort.” Jimmy Seimers. The all new Revert is a fresh take approach to the traditional trick ski shape. This Revert brings a fresh new design to the market by utilising new edge characteristics, bottom groove patterns and design. The unique design of the Revert allows for quicker transitions from trick to trick and pop off the wake, the blended groove pattern on the bottom enables the ski to spin effortlessly for toes and hands. The edges are rolled at the tip and tail for a clean release. The ski is made from our latest technical products including light weight machined core and full carbon composite layup.

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41", 42", 43"

Colour Pattern

Blue, Cartoon Art

1 review for Jobe Revert Trick Ski (Blank)

  1. sim

    This trick ski gets a five star rating because its the choice for many of the the top pro riders in the world.

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